Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Run Time

Monday night, we ran through the whole play for the first time in weeks. Tuesday night, we did an Italian run, condensing the two-hour play into one swift, slightly slurred sixty-minute span. Along the way, I also managed to accomplish the following:
  • Tighten up the fights (and suicides) with Calvin, our fight coach;
  • Confirm the bulk of our sound design with Phil;
  • Approve a few lighting arrangements with Roy and Janine (since I happened to be in the theatre while they were testing washes);
  • Talk hair with Sue, and costumes with Melissa and Geri;
So things are heating up. The Playhouse feels energized, lots of actors and designers scurrying around. Even the actors who have long stretches of time with nothing in particular to do still seem excited.

The danger now is loss of focus -- not just for the actors, either, but for me. We need to stay focused on our goal, and on our timeline. I need to be able to decide when to stop nit-picking and making adjustments, when to step back and let the momentum of the show carry us through to opening night. If I had to make a guess, I'm thinking my last chance to be a finicky director will be Thursday (another run). After that, it's sailing -- and whether it's clear or bumpy, it doesn't matter. There ain't no oars.

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