Sunday, March 11, 2007

Roman Physics 101

Roman Physics CI, Final Exam
Question I (XX marks)

Two triumvirates are marching away from one another at right angles. They will travel a distance of XII feet, marching in unison. Each triumvirate has between I and II soldiers marching behind them (this fact may or may not alter the experiment). If the triumvirates need to arrive at the same point simultaneously, and turn so as to face one another, how many steps much each one take? Should they each start out on the left foot (according to the traditions of Roman, and Canadian, marching), or should the triumvirate who will be turning right need to start out on the right foot?

Show your work.


cpc said...

Glad to know you're keeping your sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

I think Antony is too used to "vaulting over mountaintops" with "his buckles busting" to be tied down to synronized stomping. Octavian can't even get people to toast him, how does he think people will follow his drill moves.

LOCOPO Lord Cody Porter