Sunday, March 04, 2007

Poster Draft

After the unfortunate incident with the snake, Randy (our poster designer and incoming Artistic Director) tried a different approach: a metallic snake on a posed model (I didn't want to haul Monica out on an off-day again, and as you can see, most of "Cleopatra's" face is out of frame in any case).

For some reason, Blogger seems to want to upload it in blue, instead of fleshtones. So this image shows you the shape, but not the natural colour, of the poster. Even so, you must admit, it's pretty natty.


Finster said...

I kind of like it in blue. Cool poster.

Kristen Finlay

cpc said...

Me, too.

Lovely said...

I like it as well. We talk of Cleopatra transforming into a god at the end of the show and this as an interesting supernatural look to it. Granted maybe red suits A&C more (blood, lust, etc) but still it looks wicked.