Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slink, Whip, Limp

Steady progress this week through a whole bunch of scenes. We did most of the Act One Egypt scenes on Tuesday, skipping over a fight scene but managing to insert a lot of great physical comedy (Eros's pelvic thrust, on "For the best turn, i'th'bed", was a stroke of genius). Then into Act Two yesterday and tonight, focusing on Antony and Cleopatra back together again, sliding inevitably into tragedy. Tonight Antony got to meet his "sad captains," Silius and Philo, who turned out to be the least inspiring soldiers one could ever imagine. Nice work, fellows.

Sunday, we stumble through Act One! There are large blocking gaps, I realize, but it will be good to fit these pieces together, and to remind ourselves of the basic rules of the play's world: Egyptians slink, Romans march (except when they limp).

P.S. We got our swords this week, too! They're fantastic! I can't wait to show them off on Sunday.

P.P.S. Wouldn't the title of this entry make an excellent tongue twister?

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