Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"The Sea is Mine"

Good, brisk work on two short scenes. The introduction of Octavian and Lepidus is important, because it brings Rome onto the stage for the first time. And the scene with Pompey, Menas and Menecrates introduces the first major sub-plot, and the antagonists of Act One. In a way, the scenes are both about Antony (all the other characters refer back to him constantly), but it's also nice to make them clear and distinct introductions of all these other rich characters.

And rich they are. Even though I spent most of the rehearsal fussing over Roman marching and other blocking minutiae, all the actors were clearly making leaps and strides in characterization and delivery -- thanks in large part to Sarah's work downstairs, but also to the actors themselves, for taking me at my word and using the repetition of the scene work to explore, take chances, and go further. My private ambition is to not get bored with any of these scenes. So far, so good!

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