Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Auditions, Day Two

Another good night on Monday, and a lot of fierce discussion afterwards with Sarah and Jenn. Who's Antony? Who's Cleopatra? Who's available when? Who do we want to work with? Well, we'd like to work with everyone, but ultimately it comes down to questions of chemistry and compatibility. Who do we think will work well together--or look good together?

I wish I could provide all the answers, but I don't have them--not quite yet. We'll have to wait until the call-back on Monday to finalize the cast. We'll read through the script and I'll try different actors' voices off each other. It will be a bit nerve-wracking, waiting until then--and I can only imagine how the actors must feel!

But soon, very soon, we'll have a cast. And no matter how the chips fall, I think, it'll be an awesome one.

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