Sunday, December 10, 2006

Auditions, Day One

Tonight we had the first round of auditions for A&C. We saw 16 people (plus one early bird I saw yesterday because she couldn't be here tonight or tomorrow) -- and I'm aiming for a cast of 18, so in theory, we should have almost everyone we need.

Except...the ratio of female to male auditioners is, perhaps unsurprisingly, skewed. Every gal wants Cleopatra...and who can blame them? I had to beat the bushes a wee bit to get men out to the auditions. And it paid off, to some extent. In the end, it turned out to be a very fine evening. I saw a number of familiar faces (some from King Lear or other recent Walterdale shows) and a lot of delightful surprises from newcomers. In a way, I could cast the show from what I saw tonight. I'd just have to cross-cast a lot of actresses as tough-guy Roman soldiers (or politicians...or pirates ... hmm, lady pirates...).

I can't, of course, make any decisions until I've seen everyone. And it's hard to picture most of the supporting roles until I know exactly who is going to be playing the leads, especially the big three: Antony, Cleopatra, and Octavian.

But if tomorrow proves as profitable as tonight, I will have an abundance of talent to choose from. In fact, I may have to make some tough, tough choices...

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