Thursday, January 18, 2007

Walk Like a Roman

All boys tonight: Antony, Octavian, Lepidus, Enobarbus, Ventidius, Agrippa, and Gallus strutting about the stage like they owned the place. And they do. When in Rome, every gesture and movement should suggest that power. And when they travel to Egypt, hopefully they will retain some sense of that authority, if only so that it contrasts more sharply with the world of the East.

Tonight we started to practice group movements, with Antony leading and Enobarbus and Ventidius falling into line. Cody made an excellent observation/suggestion: if the cast (and not just the Romans, but everyone) can communicate and share the stage, if they can signal their movements and intentions to each other, then they really can coordinate their movements, even on the fly. I find that notion terribly exciting. Not only does it suggest a well-oiled Roman machine, but it suggests a well-oiled cast, and an energetic, synchronized production. I look forward to seeing where it can go from here.

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Cody said...

Hello Everyone it's me Cody,
I really enjoyed working on the marching/movement exercizes this evening. I think with a bit of practice and maybe a few hand signals or commands, the Romans could really present an imposing force. When it works I think it really implies power and military/political strength. Now I just need to get over my two left feet. I will check all y'all on the flip side yo! Left left left right that's a lotta lefts. LOCOPO